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    Marketplace Rules:

    We strive to keep every transaction in the marketplace honest and fair, but it is up to every user to verify who they are doing business with. Use the user’s activity stream in there profile to review their activity which include posts, replies, and past marketplace transactions.

    Please use common sense when conducting transactions in the marketplace, Don’t send cash or money orders, only conduct transactions in your country, meet at a local mall food court or police station parking lot if possible, and If it is too good to be true, it probably is. Kicks.Club provided the common location for buyers and sellers to meet but we are in no way responsible for your transaction.

    Don’t conduct transactions with brand new users or users with no activity. Users who have been shown, with proof, to be scammers will be permanently banned.

    We highly recommend that you ONLY use  a reputable payment option such as Paypal, Google Wallet, or a Crypto Currency (Dash, Bitcoin, or Ether)

    Keeping all that in mind there are a few rules that every user and every post must follow to improve and help maintain the community.

    User Rules

    1. Please report spam and marketplace posts that do not follow the marketplace rules.
    2. Please leave an honest review of the buyer/seller after every transaction.
    3. Please keep replies and conversations on topic.

    Post Rules

    1. All posts will be locked 10 days after the last reply.
    2.  All posts must include at least 2 pictures showing all items and post tag(Username+Posted Date) in both pictures.
    3.  Post must not include any links to any outside websites.
    4. Community Mods reserve the right to remove posts that are of low quality or do not follow one or more of these rules.

    Please review these rules periodically they will change as the community and marketplace grow.


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